ENERGY We Are The Network at Jaarbeurs, Utretcht 02/19/11



Timetable ENERGY | The Network released
Saturday February 19th, 2011. Jaarbeurs, Utrecht.

Only three weeks left until the biggest artist of the electronic dance scene alight in the heart of the Netherlands; ENERGY | The Network is ready for its first edition. Listed below the official timetable of ENERGY, so check it out and plan your night!

21.30-23.00 Wippenberg
23.00-00.30 Moguai
00.30-02.00 Avicii
02.00-05.00 Tiesto
05.00-07.00 Sander van Doorn

21.00-22.30 Hardwell
22.30-00.00 AN21
00.00-01.30 Marco V
01.30-02.45 Sander Kleinenberg
02.45-04.00 Wolfgang Gartner
04.00-05.15 Eddie Halliwell
05.15-06.45 Tocadisco


22.30-23.30 Airbase

23.30-00.30 Lange
00.30-02.00 ATB
02.00-04.00 Ferry Corsten
04.00-05.00 Jochen Miller
05.00-06.00 Simon Patterson
06.00-07.00 Kutski

Log on now at and put your own timetable together.

February 19th, 2011
Jaarbeurs, Utrecht

Transition to Energy

ID&T confirmed that Trance Energy 2011 will be renamed to just Energy. After line-up publication it appears that the festival is no longer trance only but other genres are appearing. As this festival has been viewed by many fans as a pilgrimage, the introduction of other music genres has been very negatively received.

Moreover, it appears that the “Connect” room which will host most Trance DJs remaining (and still has a strong trance line-up) will not be the mainstage but the old “High-Contrast stage”. Pixie Beau from ID&T confirmed this fact on Facebook but the Energy website is still playing with the ambiguity. Due to this, it is possible that crowd control has to be installed on the Connect stage as, depending on who will come, it may exceed it’s capacity.

These changes on a very successful and old festival are difficult to understand even in a business perspective. Capacity will still be the same and was sold out most of the year (except in 2010 when it was held on easter week end and 27000 out of 30000 people came), as a result, ID&T will probably not make more money from Energy than they made with Trance Energy. Yet, they are taking a huge risk with this move as 40% of Trance Energy visitors where foreigners and they may decide to skip this event. Without communication from Energy staff, this is difficult to understand.

Speculation has been going on, including greediness of some labels (too high cost to book the DJ) or intervention from Tiesto (who will play at Energy and no longer wants to be associated with trance music) and some nasty fight with Armada Music. Concerning Tiesto, it is true that Energy has a loyal crowd going there for Trance from abroad, but to sell out all the tickets, they need a headliner able to attract locally in the netherlands. Since Armin van Buuren was probably not available (ASOT 500 celebration), the only choice remaining for a fast sell out in NL was Tiesto. Yet, Tiesto is drifting away gradually from Trance sound.

Concering Armada Music, a few days after the announcement from ID&T of the end of Trance Energy, famous dutch DJ Armin Van Buuren and owner of Armada Music announced that a massive party will be held in the Netherlands to celebrate A State Of Trance, 500th edition. This will effectively mobilize most of Armada Music DJs, probably rendering booking for Trance Energy difficult. Armin told on his radio show that “A state of trance” is the new global gathering for all trance fans in the world. As a result, many former loyal Trance Energy visitors have expressed publicly that they will go to this new event instead. However, Armin did not say if his new party is to be held annually or if it will be a one-off event. The number of expected visitors is also unknown, it is only claimed to be “the biggest trance party in the world” which it will be since Trance Energy no longer exists. As this new party must have been prepared for a few months before announcement, it may also explain why ID&T decided to end Trance Energy. They may have decided that there is no room for two events like this in the Netherlands and fighting against the firepower of Armada music (who has signed most DJs in the trance style) was a bad bet.

Future will tell if Energy continues as is, if Trance Energy returns instead (if sales of Energy disappoint) and if a State Of Trance becomes a regular festival in the Netherlands.


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