Flaminia Villagran’s nuevo single ‘Whisper’


Flaminia Villagran, talented singer, songwriter, and producer from Guatemala City releases her New Single ‘Whisper’

Her music which is considered Indie experimental music from Guatemala, is recorded and produced by Flaminia and Alejandro D, “TRYING TO BELIEVE” brings together a series of emotions and musical influences acquired by both, through out their careers.

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I close my eyes and I see you,

I only wish that it was true…
‘Cause I’ve been lying to myself
But it was you, that rescued me from me

Hold on…
Tomorrow is almost over
Hold on….
Just stay a little longer…

Whisper in my ear…
Took away my fear…

And I’ve been feeling so confused
Was it meant or was I used
Tell me what have I become
It feels too right, there’s no way it’s wrong

Hold on…..
’cause I really want you so bad
Hold on…
‘Cause I don’t know how much I’ll last

The way you make me lie
The way you make me cry
You make me feel alive

The way you make me feel
The way you make me real
You make me be like steel

What have you done to me
What have you made me see
What have you made me be

Whisper, whisper, whisper……

Lyrics and Music by: Flaminia
Programming, Mixing, Recording & Production by: Flaminia at Biohazard Studios

Pianos, Synths & Vocals by: Flaminia

Guitars & Bass: Alejandro Davila


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